Online course announcement: Classic Rabbinic Texts, Lund University

Course title: Classic Rabbinic Texts (TRVN13)

Host institution: Lund University

Abstract: This course offers a study of a selection of texts from classical rabbinic literature from the Mishnah to the Babylonian Talmud. After a brief survey of the emergence of the rabbinic movement and the political, cultural and linguistic context in which it developed, the main part of the course is devoted to close readings of a selection of rabbinic texts in Hebrew/Aramaic with a translation. To enable the inclusion of a larger number of texts in order to display the various genres included in rabbinic literature, some texts will be read only in translation. In addition to acquiring and developing skills in rabbinic Hebrew, students will gain insights into rabbinic thought and culture, and acquire a basic knowledge of the scope, style and characteristics of rabbinic texts. The main focus will be on the Mishnah (early 3rd century), the Mekhilta (late 3rd century), Genesis and Leviticus Rabbah (early 5th century) and the Babylonian Talmud (300–700 C.E).

Format: The course is taught online over the entire semester (September–December with the exam due in the second half of December). It also includes a 2-day seminar in Lund, November 4–5, 2020, which is a very important part of the course.

Language of instruction: English.

Context: The course is part of the joint Religious Roots of Europe MA programme, which is shared between the universities of Lund, Copenhagen, and Oslo. The course can be taken as part of this programme, but can also be taken as a stand-alone course.

Deadline: The deadline to apply for fall courses is April 15, 2020. For information about key dates and the application process, see

NB: More general information in English is to be found through the general university admissions pages, but you will have to apply in the Swedish system since the deadline for international students has already passed (but this should be no problem for Scandinavian students).

For more information, please see You are also welcome to contact Dr Zetterholm directly.

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