Event: The First Nordic Postgraduate Forum in Ancient and Early Medieval Jewish History and Literature, Lund University (22–23 September 2020)

This is our first blog post since the summer break, and we hope that you are all having a safe and healthy start to the new academic year.

We are pleased to announce that in two weeks today Lund University will be hosting the first Nordic Network for Jewish Studies event! It will take the form of a Postgraduate Forum in Jewish Studies and will take place over two half-days on 22-23 September 2020.

Papers will be presented by six current doctoral students from around the Nordic region working on projects that relate to the study of ancient and medieval Jewish history. Each paper will be presented in brief followed by comments from a respondent and general discussion. The programme also features a masterclass in reading Talmudic texts by Prof Philip Alexander (FBA, Emeritus Manchester) entitled, ‘“If they are not prophets, they are sons of prophets”: Tosefta Pesahim 4:13-14 and its reception in the Yerushalmi and the Bavli.’ The programme can be found here.

You are welcome to join us for part or all of the programme. Please register your interest in attending through our Google Form. NB: Due to present Covid-related room capacity restrictions, we are only able to accommodate attendees via zoom.

The papers will not be circulated as they are works in progress. However, you are welcome to use the contact information provided in the programme to write to the presenters directly if you would like to request copies of their papers.

We are grateful to the European Association for Jewish Studies for supporting this event.

If you have any questions about the event, you are welcome to contact us at admin[dot]nordicjewishstudies[at]ctr[dot]lu[dot]se.

The Nordic Network for Jewish Studies was founded and is run by Dr Katharina Keim and Dr Karin Zetterholm at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University.

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