Events: Jewish Studies Seminar at Lund University, Spring 2022

Colleagues in Jewish Studies at Lund University warmly welcome you to join us for our Jewish Studies seminar series this spring. All seminars will take place via zoom.

To register your interest and to get access to the zoom links and precirculated material please contact Karin Zetterholm.

Lund University Jewish Studies seminar schedule, Spring 2022

3/215–17 Magdalena Dziaczkowska presents the introductory chapter of her dissertation
24/215–17 Laila Seri presents her dissertation project on “Law and Language in a Modern Age: A Post-Secular Reading of Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin”  
3/315–17 Daniel Leviathan presents material from a chapter of his dissertation
16/3    13–15  “Karaites as a Bridge between Jews and Muslims” Guest: Joshua Sabih, University of Copenhagen. Jointly with the History of Religions seminar. This seminar is expected to take place on campus, but here is a link if that turns out to be impossible:
21/415–17Fani Gargova, Postdoctoral University Assistant, University of Vienna presents her current work on synagogue art and architecture.
28/415–17Tentamensseminarium med fokus på tidig judisk bibeltolkning (svenska)

Please note regarding the times: 15–17 means that we start at 15.15 in accordance with the old Lund University custom.

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