Call for respondents: Survey on music and prayer in Jewish communities in Sweden (deadline 28 Feb 2022)

A Jewish Studies Master’s student at Paideia and Lund University is looking for respondents to a survey on music and prayer in Jewish communities in Sweden. If you are Jewish and live in Sweden, Valeria Conte would be grateful to hear from you via her survey before 28 February!

Hej! I am Valeria Conte (, an Italian Klezmer clarinettist and I belong to Stockholm Jewish community. As part of my MA thesis for the “Centre of Theology and Religious Studies” at Lund University, I have designed a questionnaire to learn more about Music & Prayer in contemporary Jewish Communities in Sweden. The questionnaire takes approximately 35 minutes to complete and will be open until February 28th. It would mean SO MUCH to me to collect your responses on the matter. THANK YOU!!

Your responses will be treated confidentially, meaning that your name and personal details will not be used in the presentation or analysis of the data you provide and will be deleted in June 2022 when my thesis’ dissertation will be assessed. Adopting theories borrowed from psychology, sociology, and neuroscience, in my thesis I argue that Jewish religious practice is permeated by rituals awakening collective emotions and consequently bonding individuals into committing to the community, independently by the degree of belief in the Divine.

I thank you in advance for your time, for the valuable information you will provide and for your support of my Master’s thesis project. Take the questionnaire here. Tack så mycket!

If you have any questions about the project or how the collected data will be stored and handled, you are welcome to contact Valeria and/or her thesis supervisor Dr Katharina Keim.

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