Spring Jewish Studies Seminar Series, Lund University, Online and in person

You are all welcome to join us at Lund University for our spring Jewish Studies seminar series. Seminars take place in English and/or in Swedish, and are either in-person only, online only, or both.

Please note that 15–17 means that we start at 15.15 in accord ance with the old Lund University custom. 15.00, by contrast, means 15 sharp.

For more information and to get access to precirculated material please contact Karin Zetterholm (Karin.Zetterholm@ctr.lu.se).

DateTimeSubject and speaker
1/217.00Public lecture by our new Pro Futura scholar, Wally Cirafesi, “The Synagogue in the World of Ancient Christians: Between Polemics and Participation,” in person in LUX C126.
2/213–15Wally Cirafesi: “Ethnic Heterogeneity in Ancient ‘Synagogues’ from the Roman–Byzantine Periods.” Joint seminar with New Testament Studies and the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, in person at LUX A233.
2/313–15Masteruppsats Tobias Ålöv, “Jesus the Pharisee: Expectation and Engagement Over Table-Fellowship as Indication of Jesus’ Socio-Religious Identity.” Opponent: Lukas Hagel. Samseminarium med NT (svenska). Endast via zoom:
20/415–17Miriam Gerson Selén presenterar ett avhandlingskapitel om rabbinska (om)tolkningar av tempeloffren. Samseminarium med GT högre seminarium i Uppsala (svenska). Please contact Karin.zetterholm@ctr.lu.se for the link.
3/517.00Public lecture by Yonatan Adler, Ariel University,“The Origin of Judaism.” In-person in LUX C121.
4/513–15Yonatan Adler, title tbc. Joint Seminar with New Testament Studies. In-person in LUX B429.
10/513–15Guest lecture by Miriam Hjälm, Stockholm School of Theology: “The Reception of the Bible in the Quran.” Joint seminar with History of Religions. In person (LUXB417) and on Zoom. Please contact Karin.zetterholm@ctr.lu.se for the link.
11/513–15Julia Sahlström, Stockholms universitet, presenerar avhandlingsdel om minnet av Förintelsen bland judar i Sverige 1945–1966. Samseminarium med historia. LUX (svenska).

The Nordic Network for Jewish Studies was founded and is run by Dr Katharina Keim and Dr Karin Zetterholm at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University.

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