Author Guidelines

For submission to the Nordic Network for Jewish Studies blog/events page(s)


Posts can relate to any aspect of Jewish Studies and related disciplines. A post may, for example:

  • showcase a specific research project,
  • outline a pedagogical tool or innovation,
  • be an announcement for a new publication, or a review of a recent publication,
  • be an announcement or reflection on an academic event, a public engagement event or similar initiative,
  • advertise an event, or
  • advertise a course.

These examples are not exhaustive; the editors will consider other ideas from authors.

NB: If you would like to advertise a course or an event, please make sure that you supply the following details:

  • Title of the event
  • Date, time, and location
  • Name and contact details of the organizer (including links to professional and institutional social media accounts, if relevant)
  • A brief description of the event including registration details and a link (if relevant)
  • An image/poster (if relevant)


Posts can be up to 500 words; a series of posts by a single author or relating to a single project may be considered.


We welcome submissions in any of the Scandinavian languages or in English.


We welcome submissions at any time, but in the event of receiving a large number of submissions at one time, we may hold posts to allow a more even posting schedule.

We welcome proposals for posts to be published on significant dates – e.g. relating to Jewish holidays, anniversaries of significant historical events, etc. Please get in touch with a proposal in plenty of time if you would like your post to be published on a specific date.


The readership is expected to include researchers from various academic disciplines, as well as members of the wider community. Posts may also be re-blogged by partner blogs if relevant to their readership.

Please write in an accessible style, using short sentences and avoiding jargon. Paragraphs should usually be no more than one or two sentences.

Please refer to previous posts on the Network’s blog for examples of appropriate style.

Intellectual Property

Blog posts remain the intellectual property of the author and authors are free to post the same material elsewhere.


All authors will be credited. Please include a short sentence about yourself / your project with your post, and a link to your research profile, project page etc. if relevant.

Every blog post published will be announced on the Nordic Network for Jewish Studies twitter feed. Please inform us of your twitter handle if you have one (or that of your research project, department, or organisation), so that we can tag you in the announcement.

Previously Published Material

We are happy to consider reposting blog posts that have been published elsewhere, provided that such posts conform to our guidelines, and the author/s can demonstrate that they are free to repost the material.

Copyrighted Materials

Post authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions for any images and/or quotations included in their posts, and must provide evidence of the same to the editors where relevant.


Please send a brief summary of your idea(s) to our email address, as detailed on our Contact page before submitting a full post (or a link to the post if you are proposing a reposting).

Editorial Policy

We welcome proposals from anyone interested Jewish Studies, broadly defined. This includes academic researchers (including independent researchers), archive and curatorial professionals, members of non-academic organisations and the general public.

The editors reserve the right to decline proposals or posts that do not meet the above guidelines, or to request changes from authors before postings. More minor editorial corrections will be made by the editors and cleared with the authors before a post is published.

Updated: August 2021

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